Sunday, January 2, 2011

A British Krimbo!

As we approach the tail end of what has been a superb Christmas abroad, I thought I would take a moment to recount the last 11 days with family and friends for anyone willing to read about it. 

The trip began as a double score for the newlywed Bowen Wrights. Arrived at the airport 3 hours early for fear of massive queues - apparently we had grown used to traveling out of New York -- so were pleasantly surprised when we were 1 of about 23 people in the entire DFW airport. Result. 

Next off to our departure gate where we kindly offered up our two cattle class tickets in exchange for a later flight consisting of 2 First Class Seats, and $1600 worth of American Airlines travel vouchers -- Double Result. Not bad, BW's. Not bad.

With the trip off to a kicking good start, we laid back (apparently you can do that in First Class), toasted the trip with a nice glass of bubbly, had a five course meal, then put on the complimentary noise canceling headphones and drifted off to sleep. 

Good Morning, London!

So as some might know, I have an odd  fascination with the Tudor era. ***I truly believe I would have fit in quite nicely in that era - AND made it through with my head completely intact.*** Well anyway, because my loving husband knows of said fascination, he took me to Hampton Court Palace -- favorite home of Henry VIII (my FAV Tudor). We learned about the food, the kitchens, the plumbing, the heating, everything. It was all very Royal. And I ROYALLY loved it. Lit-ra-ly. Dad and John, you would have loved it too -- apparently the King was quite the Sportsman...

We then spent a lovely evening with Uncle Dick and Aunt Torie in the English countryside of Hampshire at their beautiful new home. As noted in earlier post, in Texas we wear feather headdresses/turkey hats around the dinner table, but in England, we wear Crowns! How ROYAL of us! Not quite the same as living amongst the Tudors, but pretty darn close!

Our next adventure took us to see Tom's favorite Futball (not Football) team, Arsenal play at the new and impressive Emirates Stadium. Needless to say, Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-1. For the sake of the rest of our trip, this was a VERY good thing. The next picture captures Tom's excitement better than any words I could muster together. Wha-Hay! 

Then we got this nice little update from Aunt Shayna and Uncle Matt who are graciously watching our little rugrats while we are away. ***White House: Lots of free diners, wine, cookies, and elaborate gifts await you  upon our return***

I like to think that the panicked look on Winston's face is all in my head *** being a mother who's away from her child for the first time***  Or maybe he just likes to be REALLY aware of his surroundings? But I've got a two day countdown going till I get to smother the little men to absolute pieces. And I have never looked forward to anything more!

I hope that everyone out there had a wonderful, memorable and happy Christmas and here's to a glorious 2011 to you and yours!!

With loads of love and hugs,
steph BW

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