Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey guys,

So if you are a reader of this blog, then you're up to speed with my obsession with the Tudor's, my lack of knowledge when it comes to plumbing and you know that I get a natural high from antique shopping. Today's the day that I really invite you into my world and discuss a certain fear of mine. **Lizards.** Yes, that's right, I said lizards.

Background story: When I was about 8 years old I had a dream that I was being attacked by a bunch of frogs. For some reason this funny little mind of mine has allowed that frog dream to transcend over to all reptiles, which naturally gives me a really embarrassing fear of lizards.

Well, had you been at our house the day before we left for London, you might have been hanging out with me in our closet with a glass of wine while I packed, unpacked and repacked for our 12 day trip. You might also have been in said closet when I reached up to grab my adorable purple clutch and began screaming my head off. Hint, I was NOT screaming because I was annoyed with packing, I was screaming because I was suddenly starring face to face with my nemesis - a chameleon. A very large chameleon at that. I very kindly asked my loving husband to remove the reptile from the handbag section of our closet before we left for our vacation for fear of immaculate conception. The last thing I need is a bunch of chameleon offspring rummaging around in my closet when I'm out.

Well, guess who somehow didn't get around to removing the lizard? I'm not one to name names, but as a hint, I've been calling him husband now for the last 6 months. OF COURSE, the demon lizard never once made an appearance last week when my loving husband was in town, but YESTERDAY, when the dollface was away on business, he totally reared his ugly head on the sleeve of my new Ali Ro parka. Of course I screamed.

I even went so far as to stage an encounter with my dogs and the devil lizard, but they were absolutely worthless. Winston tried to lick him. Traitor.

Well, before hopping into bed, I learned that not only had this reptile been on my gorgeous parka, but he has since walked his way over half my closet and is now making himself perfectly at home in my Adidas running outfit. For proof see below pic. Yes, that's his rat-like tail hanging out of my cute workout clothes! You would be terrified too.

All this to say, "Tom, please come home, I have a few honey-do's on my list I need you to take care of."

On a lighter note, so I don't have nightmares of frogs and lizards all night, I got to spend the weekend with two of my favorite people, my nieces Anna and Princess Ausley. We had a whale of a time. We painted our fingernails, we dressed in Aunt Steph's jewels, and we learned EVERY work to Taylor Swifts, "You Belong To Me" when we listened to it in the car on repeat for 8 hours. A few pics to document the fun...

Winston hearts Ausley and her Gorg necklace.

Such a cute picture until you look at Tom's awkward pose. We'll work on that.

Winston has gone from loving Ausley to being obsessed with her. Which I'm obsessed with.

I hope your closets are lizard free tonight and every night thereafter for that matter. If you're not afraid of lizards and you want to come get mine out of my closet before Tommy gets home, I  welcome you with open arms.

Sweet dreams to all, 

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