Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life's Little Inspirations

I know, I know, it’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I’ve written. And I know when I started this blog, that I said I would write every time I was ‘inspired’. Hear me out -  I’m not saying that I haven’t been ‘inspired’ in the past month and 27 days, not saying that at all, it’s just that I’ve had trouble translating these inspirations effectively in writing.

But writing has always been my truest form of expression. I’ve always said my mind best in written form. So after weeks of internal debate, an in an attempt to not be too self-serving, here it is, what’s been keeping me inspired…

Recent inspirations have come in so many beautiful forms – it has come through the witnessing of strength and faith from my best friend and her family during the most difficult of times, it has revealed itself in the level of intensity that my favorite Brit goes about his work - always with his naughty british sense of humor; it has come through the determination of my brother and sister-in-law finding their daughters the perfect place to call home; I caught a glimpse of it when my parents told me they were planting a garden and when our pastor preached his heart out about Abraham. It has come through the meticulous eye of a friend who knows what she wants and refuses to settle; it’s revealed itself in yoga class and at a painting party. I saw it in my neighbor when she talked about her love for her patients; and in my best friend’s husband when he talked so sweetly about his wife. I was inspired last night when reading a book on Jackie O, and when the people from iTunes support actually got back to me. I got really inspired at an antique store one too many times in 1 month and 27 days (but nothing that got too out of hand…but I did get a fabulously inspiring vintage Bally bag and wallet for $30 and two gorgeous vintage lamps for an undisclosed price J ). I continue to be inspired by a dear friends dream of getting pregnant, and by my other dear friends fierce sense of style. I was inspired by a friends photography, and by her willingness to encourage others to be photographers too. I was reminded just yesterday of how inspiring a call from a cousin at just the right moment was for me. And I am inspired by my grandma’s tech-savy voicemails. I am annoyed inspired by my puppy’s sense of determination when it comes to eating every page of a coffee table book. And by the amount of patience that my older dog has acquired since bringing home said puppy.

So many days, so many inspirations.

I hope you witnessed/read/heard about/listened to/experienced/tried/ate/smelled/touched something inspiring today.

Would love to hear what’s been inspiring you.

Loads of love and kisses to all,