Thursday, November 14, 2013

Instant Gratification. Instantly.

I'm all about instant gratification. And while Amazon Prime sort of gets me there - (I order my items, then do something that makes me forget I ordered them, then voila, 48 hours later I'm completely floored when I get a delivery of the items I completely forgot I ordered in the first place) - well, Half Price Books gets me that exact floored feeling - INSTANTLY!

Case in point -- I stopped by the local HPB (Half Price Books) determined to find some baby food making books that were cheaper than on Amazon, and what did we find?  

I'm no brain surgeon, but those appear to be some pretty fab baby food makin' books! 

And I'm no mathematician, but that appears to be one slammin' good price! A whole dollar and 8 cents cheaper than the lowest price on Amazon! Get it, girl! 

And while I went to HPB with the intent of becoming somewhat of a baby-food-making-chef-extraordinaire, I couldn't help but think I could easily expand my new-found expertise into other areas of culinary genius, like this...

Slight confession: after reading some of the recipes, I haven't yet decided if this gets me a vote for wife of the year, or puts me up for a demotion, but we'll try out a few recipes (NOT the Pressed Ox Tongue) and let you know. 

HPB is also my go-to place to find beautiful coffee table books on design, decor, home, fashion, etc. 

I got this stunner for $7.99 - a whole $20 less than on OKL (One Kings Lane), yeah, so it's been pre-loved, but honestly, it's a coffee table book for crying out loud. I'll count that a win in my book any day of the week.

So here's hoping you get a little instant gratification today and that you stay warm while you're at it.

P.S. - stay tuned for a sneak peek at my feeble attempt to make my parents a nail-trim headboard. (And only make positive comments when I post pictures.)



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