Thursday, November 21, 2013

Encounter with Santa

Ya know what's fun? The holidays. And you know what makes the holidays even more fun? Doing holiday things with kids. Case in point, I kindly asked (read: tricked) 'ole Tommy into joining me at the mall for Martini's first throw down with Santa Claus. This was a brilliant idea for so many reasons, but most of all because nobody else at North Star Mall was thinking about taking Santa pictures as early as November 17th. (I like to think we are just way ahead of the game when it comes to this whole parenting thing.) Go us. 

I was a bit leery about how this whole Santa thing was going to play out in real life - in my head there were two scenarios 1.) we'd hand over the kid, he'd take one look at Santa and it would be over before it even started (seeing as a lot of Martin's new friend pictures look something like this...)

or this...

Or, we'd have Scene #2 -- a happy kid with a happy Santa, and all would be right in our little first Christmas world. 

And so the adventure went down a little something like this - arrived at mall at 12:30pm, came across this sign...

That little sign says that Santa is feeding his Reindeer and won't be back until 2pm. Hate to ruin your lunch, Rudolph, but we've got a ticking time bomb here, and the added hour and a half wait is not helping my odds of a successful Christmas card.

So dad, the voice of reason that he is, suggested we grab a coffee at the cafe overlooking SantaLand -- brilliant idea. We can keep the little bug distracted all while enjoying a nice cup of joe AND keeping an eye on the line.

As I started to notice movement around the gates, I whipped into mother mode, and convinced Tom that the time had come -- I was NOT going to stand in line behind people that had just walked up in the last five minutes. Not after being there for an hour and a half.  

After watching the family (two parents and one child) in front of me take 17 minutes with Santa (a feat I can only blame his high maintenance parents for) -- I was beginning to think all was lost. The little nugget was hungry, it may or may not have been pee coming up the back of his shirt, I could go on. But alas, the moment was ours. So we did what any new parents would do - in a  moment of panic, we threw the kid into Santa's arms, began flailing around like a bunch or turkeys, and hoped for the best.
The kid didn't even know what hit him.

It is with a sense of pride in our mad parenting skills that I present to you, Martin's first encounter with Santa Claus.  

You nailed it, kid.

(I'll go ahead and savor this moment, as I'm pretty sure next years encounter will unfold looking more like Scenario #1)

Hope everyone is gearing up nicely for Thanksgiving. 
Loads of love, 

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