Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothering Day (That's what they call it in the UK!)

Kudos to the person that came up with the idea of having a day each year devoted to Mothers (I personally think the whole month of May should be Mother's Month) but since I'm not sure who controls that national calendar, I'll go ahead and say, I'm glad we at least got a solid beautiful day for the lovely ladies. Here's a few pics of some of my all time favorite mothers...

It's so easy to grow up and imagine your mother just as she is in the present. To picture her exactly as she is today - my best friend, my confidant - a source of daily inspiration. But as I approach 30 years old, it's hard not to think of my mother when she was my age, with one handsome young son under her belt (John) and another charming little girl just a few months away (me). As I watch my dearest friend take on motherhood with her sweet new baby boy, I imagine my mother facing the same daily duties, and I suddenly see her in a whole new light. As I witness my sister-in-law's reaction as my niece shaves off her eyebrow, it makes me smile a bit knowing that my mother faced the same situation with me when I gave my eyelashes a haircut at the age of 5. So many mother's, all with such similar wonderful stories to tell. Having never been a mother myself, I'm not sure it ever really truly dawned on me the devotion it takes to be a mother. The giving of ones self for the happiness of your child. It's a beautiful thing that can often times be so easily overlooked. 

Because of the selflessness of my mother, I am today a reflection of her love, her laughter and her commitment to raising a child that isn't altogether too terribly embarrassing. I'm a blessed girl for having a mother who was adored by her mother, and a father who was adored by his mother - I come from a wonderful family of love, and today I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all the times you stayed up with me in the middle of the night, for all the times you changed the sheets when I wet the bed, for all the dinners, boxed lunches, field trips, barbie dolls, clip-on earrings, plastic high heel shoes, phone calls, notes of encouragement -- all of it. I am who I am today because of every little decision you made along lifes path. 

To the mothers I love, keep doing what you're doing. You are magnificent. 

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