Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Spirit

Happy Thursday Folks,

So today I began the daunting task of finding myself a job *insert long winded sigh here*. It began with a trip to a local headhunter who specializes in marketing careers, where I was soon to find out that Dallas is not the fashion marketing mecca that I had hoped for, and that there would be bigger opportunities for me if I expanded my job search to include companies that make calculators, have oil derricks or make computers *insert 2nd long winded sigh here*. So it is pure, unbridled, hopeful optimism that I officially get my nose to the grindstone to get myself employed at a company that exudes fabulousness. Wish me luck *and if you know of any such job, please, please help a sister out!*

On to the more fun part of the day -- decorating the house for the holiday season!!!! Having lived in an apartment that was a little smaller than most Texans master bathrooms, I can honestly say that when it came to Christmas decorations, my collection consisted of 12 ornaments *2 of which are broken*, a strand of white Christmas lights, a gold ribbon which served as the star on my 2 foot tall tree, and a pewter nativity scene that I bought in Mexico when I was in highschool. Alas, let the Christmas decor shopping begin!! I had envisioned a scene straight out of The Family Stone for my first home holiday decorating experience -- decorations in every room of the house, fresh cookies baking in the oven, a fire in the fireplace, Christmas songs on the radio.

 The reality of the day went something like this... headed over to Tuesday Morning, went over budget in the first 15 minutes, put back 75% of the things I had picked up, left the store with 4 items and still managed to be over budget. Came home, realized that the items I bought took up 3% of the space I had envisioned them to take up and I still had the rest of the house to go. *sigh*. At least I could make the house smell like fresh baked cookies though, right? Right. So that's what we did. Cletus, Winston and Steph  made cookies. And since they were such good and helpful dogs, they were allowed to eat whatever *accidently* fell on the floor. Fast forward 2 hours to 2 dogs puking on white couch. Still not going exactly as envisioned, but at least the house smelled like cookies.

As a logical thought progression, I came to the conclusion that to get this house decorated *and not get in trouble for spending money on items that come out for one month out of the year* it is imperative that I begin The BW Holiday Decoration DIY Club. Right now it consists of me and my dogs, but we don't discriminate, all are welcome to join the BW Holiday DIY Club. And I'll wave the membership fee for those sincerely interested. First project for the club -- a wreath for the front door that costs less than $25 to make -- why are wreaths so freaking expensive anyway???? I know you all ask yourself the same question when you see the prices on those things. Just to whet your wreath appetite and encourage participation, I've included some spectacular looking wreaths from the one and only convicted DIY-er, none other than Miss Martha...

Holy Star Wreath! Aren't those fascinating! If anyone in the Dallas area is interested in making their own wreath for less than $25, shoot me a comment, if I have no comments by Saturday, I won't get my feelings hurt, and I'll have a Gorg Christmas Wreath on my door by Sunday and you won't. Think it over. Happy to host a wreath making party with fresh made cookies and spiked apple cider is there's a real interest.

Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, that everyone is staying warm, and that you do the right thing and join my club.



  1. I expect fresh cookies on Sunday...and you know SW wants to help with anything Christmas related.

  2. Come over and help me decorate - i have plenty of decorations, but no time left to decorate...after being unemployeed for 2.5 months, I have to go back to work the Monday after Thanksgiving ;)

    Also, I have no time for baking cookies or blogging. You could have a full time job here in the Ramsey household :)

  3. I wish there was a "like" button

  4. Matt, you'll have cookies on Sunday if you come by to get them. Allison, I would LOVE to come help decorate!! I'll bring cookies to you too. Beau, that is the best compliment a second day blogger could ever ask for!